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Asymmetry Festival: Workshops für Gitarristen und Schlagzeuger am Asymmetry 5.0!

Beim diesjährigen Asymmetry Festival gibt es zusätzlich nicht nur eine große Convention rund um das Thema Musik, nein, auch workshops für Gitarre und Schlagzeug werden unter hochkarätigster Führung angeboten!
(c) Asymmetry / asymmetry_blackandwhite_artwork_cut / Zum Vergrößern auf das Bild klicken Workshops for drummers and guitarists at Asymmetry Festival 5.0


This year’s edition of the festival consists of not only music concerts and meetings of people of culture during the Asymmetry Convention. It also consists of music workshops prepared by the virtuosos: guitarist Eraldo Bernocchi and drummer Balázs Pandi. Asymmetry Festival will take place between May 2nd-4th at the Centennial Hall in Wrocław, Poland.


The multi-instrumentalist workshops entitled BONES’ ORCHESTRA will be conducted by the Italian musician and producer Eraldo Bernocchi, co-founder of Verba Corrige Productions, renowned for his work with Robert Guthrie (COCTEAU TWINS), Vernon Reid (LIVING COLOUR). Bernocchi is also a member of Metallic Taste of Blood, who we will see at this year’s edition of the festival. Although the workshop is directed mainly towards guitarists, everyone who would like to work on the creation of a track, which will be presented under the moniker of BONES’ ORCHESTRA on the Convention’s music stage, can enlist. The conductor of the workshops encourages the participants to bring any piece of non-music equipment (bells, found objects, boxes etc.), which the attendees would like to use in order to create a one of a kind orchestra. The drum workshops will be conducted by one of the fastest and most tied up drummers in the world, Balázs Pandi. He created music together with, among others, VENETIAN SNARES, OTTO VON SCHIRACH, THE KILIMANJARO DARKJAZZ ENSEMBLE, as well as the king of Japanese noise – MERZBOW, freejazz sax player Mats Gustaffson and METALLIC TASTE OF BLOOD. Like Balázs himself says, his workshops are directed towards everyone, who “only begins or wants to begin from scratch”. The musician will give advice regarding the basics, warming up and simple exercises, which in his opinion are the condition of good and creative drum performance. He will also analyse his recording methods and take a closer look at his recordings with Venetian Snares.


Applications are accepted under the following address: Due to a limited number of spots, the application order decides.


Drum workshops will take place on May 2nd, 13:30 – 15:30 and May 3rd 15:00 – 17:00. Admission cost – 40PLN.

Participants can take their drum sticks with them, but it is not compulsory for taking part in the workshops.

Guitar workshops will take place on May 2nd and 3rd between 13:30 – 17:00. Participants are asked to take their guitars, small amplifiers and objects they wish to use with them. Admission cost – 70PLN.


Festival programme:

02.05.2013 | Centennial Hall:

Nevesis, Balázs Pándi , Agalloch, Mayhem, Matadorem, Vader.

Convention Stage | Wrocław Congress Centre:

Napszykłat, Tolmunud Mesipuu, Deathcats, Kaido Kirikmae.

03.05.2013 | Centennial Hall:

IconAclass, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Shining, Cult of Luna, Astronautalis.

Convention Stage | Wrocław Congress Centre:

Plum, Bnnt, Kakaxa, Woody Alien.

04.05.2013 | Centennial Hall:

Von Magnet, Matallic Taste of Blood, Amenra, Melvins Lite, Ufomammut.

Convention Stage | Wrocław Congress Centre:

Zapaska, Perkalabski Prydatky, Semantik Punk, Bones’Orchestra.


Current single-day and whole-festival ticket prices:

Whole-festival (3 days) ticket  – 230 pln

Single-day ticket (02.05.2013) – 100 pln

Single-day ticket (03.05.2013) – 100 pln

Single-day ticket (04.05.2013) – 70 pln


Whole-festival and single-day tickets are available at and Ticketpro, Eventim, eBilet oraz Ticketportal sale points.


Having the audience members in mind, the organizers have prepared discounts. The discounts include, among others, selected accommodation locations, museums, art galleries, cafeterias, restaurants and even recreational spots. Updated information can be found on:


More information:


Organizer: Firlej Club
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