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EVERY TIME I DIE: Drummer verlässt die Band

Große persönliche Unstimmigkeiten herrschten in letzter Zeit bei EVERY TIME I DIE - jetzt hat Drummer Michael Novak den übrigen Mitgliedern seinen Ausstieg per Text Message bekannt gegeben...

Als "glückselig" geben EVERY TIME I DIE ihren Stimmungs-Status auf MySpace an, seit sie per Text Message erfahren haben, dass ihr Drummer Mike Novak es gut sein lässt:
EVERY TIME I DIE (c) Epitaph Records / Zum Vergrößern auf das Bild klicken

"I have officially quit Every Time I Die due to personal conflicts. I feel like im getting myself out of an uncomfortable, unhealthy situation, and its for the best for everyone, and im ready to move on with my life. I still plan to play and be involved in music and am looking for a new project to persue. This is a new exciting chapter in my life and hope anyone who has enjoyed me as a person/drummer in this band for the last 11 years, sticks with me for whatever endeavor the future brings me." (Mike Novak)

Die Band zeigt sich nicht gerade "unhappy" über die gerade vor sich gehenden Ereignisse, sondern ist ganz im Gegenteil froh darüber, dass sich Novak endlich selbst dazu entschieden hat, die Band zu verlassen:

EVERY TIME I DIE (c) Epitaph Records / Zum Vergrößern auf das Bild klicken"After 11 years of being involved with this band, Mike "Ratboy" Novak has indeed decided to quit Every Time I Die. Yesterday morning we received text messages that he wasn`t going to continue anymore. 15 years ago, when someone left their band, they would get drunk, fight their friends, and we`d learn about it from Kurt Loder at 10 minutes before the hour. Today it`s in a text messages and you guys find out on a messageboard. To be honest, it was something we have seen coming for some time now, but were uncertain as to exactly when or how it was going to happen because, as everyone who has ever met him knows, his communication skills leave much to be desired. That being said, he simply didn`t feel the need to talk to us about any problem he was having or discomfort he was experiencing with any situation in particular. For the past year it has felt like we were playing with a drum machine or a pre recorded backing track. He completely shut off communication with us, contributing only to the band when onstage and opting to take no part in any social activity while on tour or to be present for the filming of our upcoming DVD. Whatever his reasons were, he simply was not a part of us anymore mentally or emotionally.So now, us at Every Time I Die are confronted with a small hurdle which we will no doubt jump in order to become a new version of the killing machine we`ve always been. The person that fills the vacant shoes Ratboy left is going to be more hungry and more intense and bring a renewed energy to the stage, not simply be able learn the songs and repeat them for a half hour every night. Someone that doesn`t take being in a band for granted and wants to destroy everyone and every thing sonically. Someone that can appreciate the amazing people we surround ourselves with and the opportunities we`ve been given. With our new record "The New Junk Aesthetic" on the verge of blowing the earth a huge gaping asshole, we couldn`t be happier that our insecurities and personal conflicts are in the past. and if you dont believe us, just check out our myspace "mood". cannot wait to see you all again." (EVERY TIME I DIE)

Das neue EVERY TIME I DIE-Album "New Junk Aesthetic" wird am 15. September 2009 veröffentlicht.
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