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SLAM #117 mit Interviews und Storys zu MANIC STREET PREACHERS +++ FATE GEAR +++ DESCENDENTS +++ SPIRITBOX +++ QUICKSAND +++ AGRYPNIE +++ CUESTACK +++ PORTRAIT +++ u.v.m. +++ Jetzt am Kiosk!
MACHINEMADE GOD masked (c) Metal Blade/SPVMetal Blade/SPV
MAD MONKS - Flying Circus (c) Black Monk/ANRBlack Monk/ANR
MADINA LAKE - Attics To Eden (c) Roadrunner/WarnerRoadrunner/Warner
MAINLINERS s/t (c) Crusher RecordsCrusher Records
MAINTAIN with a vengeance (c) Swell Creek/SoulfoodSwell Creek/Soulfood
MALIBU STACY g (c) Strange Ways/IndigoStrange Ways/Indigo
MAMBO KURT spiel heimorgel spiel (c) Armageddon/SoulfoodArmageddon/Soulfood
MANAFEST: FighterIn Akustik
MANDO DIAO never seen the light of day (c) EMIEMI
MARDUK Wormwood (c) Regain RecordsRegain Records
MAROON the cold heart of the sun (c) Century Media/EMICentury Media/EMI
MAXIMO PARK our earthly pleasures (c) Warp/Rough TradeWarp/Rough Trade
MAYDAY PARADE Anywhere But Here (c) Fearless Records/AtlanticFearless Records/Atlantic
MEGADEATH Endgame (c) Roadrunner/WarnerRoadrunner/Warner
MELANIE AND THE SECRET ARMY cock sparrer, we love you (c) Sunny Bastards/Broken SilenceSunny Bastards/Broken Silence
MEW No More Stories (c) Sony MusicSony Music
MINISTRY The Last Dubber (c) Thirteenth Planet/SoulfoodThirteenth Planet/Soulfood
MINUS STORY my ion truss (c) Jagjaguwar/CargoJagjaguwar/Cargo
MODERN LIFE IS WAR midnight in america (c) Equal Vision/CargoEqual Vision/Cargo
MOGWAI - Earth DivisionRock Action/PIAS/Rough Trade
MOLOTOVS, THE And The Heads Did Roll (c) Fierce Panda/CargoFierce Panda/Cargo
MONDO GUZZI little beast (c) Rookie/CargoRookie/Cargo
MONEYBROTHER Real Control (c) Our Choice/Rough TradeOur Choice/Rough Trade
MONSTER MAGNET 4-way diablo (c) Steamhammer/SPVSteamhammer/SPV
MONTREAL s/t (c) Hamburg Records/SoulfoodHamburg Records/Soulfood
MOORE AND SONS us fools (c) Triumphant Sound RecordsTriumphant Sound Records
MORD Damo Suzuki und Mord Live (c) KonkordKonkord
MOS GENERATOR: The FirmamentStickman
MOTORPSYCHO Heavy Metal Fruit (c) Stickman/IndigoStickman/Indigo
MR. NICE GUY lethal habits (c)  Eigenproduktion/Fat Pound of SoundEigenproduktion/Fat Pound of Sound
THE MUGWUMPS banana brain (c) Bechelor RecordsBechelor Records
MUMFORD & SONS Sigh No More (c) Island/CooperativeIsland/Cooperative
MUNICIPAL WASTE the art of partying (c) EaracheEarache
MUSTARD PLUG in black and white (c) Hopeless/SoulfoodHopless/Soulfood
MUSTASCH s/t (c) Nuclear Blast/WarnerNuclear Blast/Warner
MYSTIC PROPHECY satanic curses (c) Massacre/SoulfoodMassacre/Soulfood
MAD MARGE AND THE STONECUTTERS liberated! (c) People Like You/SPVPeople Like You/SPV
MADBALL infiltrate the system (c) I Scream/SPVI Scream/SPV
MADINA LAKE from them, through us, to you (c) Roadrunner/WarnerRoadrunner/Warner
MAINTAIN: The PathSwell Creek/Soulfood
MAJOR PARKINSON s/t (c) Waggle-Daggle Records/Broken SilenceWaggle-Daggle Records/Broken Silence
MALKOVICH kings n`bosses (c) Go-Kart RecordsGo-Kart Records
MAN MUST DIE the human condition (c) Relapse/SPVRelapse/SPV
MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA Mean Everything To Nothing (c) Sony MusicSony Music
MANINKARI psychoide/participation mystic (c) ConspiracyConspiracy
MARILYN MANSON eat me, drink me (c) Interscope/UniversalInterscope/Universal
JONAH MATRANGA and (c) Arctic Rodeo/AliveArctic Rodeo/Alive
MAYDAY PARADE a lesson in romantics (c) Fearless Records/Rough TradeFearless/Rough Trade
MEAT PUPPETS rise to your knees (c) Anodyne/CargoAnodyne/Cargo
MEKONG DELTA lurking fear (c) AFM/SoulfoodAFM/Soulfood
THE MENZINGERS a lesson in the abuse of information technology (c) Go-Kart/Rough TradeGo-Kart/Rough Trade
DIE MIMMIS ich will alles und noch mehr (c) Weser Label/IndigoWeser Label/Indigo
MINISTRY the last sucker (c) 13th Planet/Soulfood13th Planet/Soulfood
MOB Mich kriegt ihr nicht (c) Problembärrecords/HoanzlProblembärrecords/Hoanzl
MOFA - Punk Rock Fuck Off (c) Hamburg Records/SoulfoodHamburg Records/Soulfood
MOLOTOV JIVE when it`s over i`ll come back again (c) Bonnier Amigo/FDI Music/SoulfoodBonnier Amigo/FDI Music/Soulfood
MOLTON s/t (c) Onomato-Pop/CargoOnomato-Pop/Cargo
MONEYBROTHER mount pleasure (c) Columbia/SonyBMGColumbia/SonyBMG
MONOCARSPEAKER pilot (c) Maria/SoulfoodMaria/Soulfood
MONSTERS OF THE ORDINARY: On The Edge And BeyondEigenproduktion
MOONSPELL under satanae (c) Steamhammer/SPVSteamhammer/SPV
THURSTON MOORE trees outside the academy (c) Ecstatic Peace/CargoEcstatic Peace/Cargo
MORISSEY Swords (c) Polydor/UniversalPolydor/Universal
MOTHER HIPS kiss the crystal flake (c) Blue Rose/SoulfoodBlue Rose/Soulfood
THE MOVING OOS peace & love (c) Kong Tiki/IndigoKong Tiki/Indigo
MUFF horn attack (c) Wolverine/SoulfoodWolverine/Soulfood
MULTIBALL The Days That Follow (c) Antstreet/New MusicAntstreet/New Music
MUMMY'S DARLING For The Bootboy's Soul (c) Sunny Bastards/Randale Records/Broken SilenceSunny Bastards/Randale Records/Broken Silence
MUSE The Resistance (c) Warner MusicWarner Music
MUSTASCH latest version of thr truth (c) Regain/SoulfoodRegain/Soulfood
MY AMERICAN HEART hiding inside the horrible weather (c) Bodog Music/EdelBodog Music/Edel
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