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A KID HEREAFTER IN THE GRINDING LIGHT s/t (c) Mighty Music/Target/SoulfoodMighty Music/Target/Soulfood
A MOUNTAIN OF ONE Institute Of Joy (c) 10 Worlds/PIAS10 Worlds/PIAS
A PERFECT MURDER war of aggression (c) Victory/SoulfoodVictory/Soulfood
ABANDON The Dead End (c) Black Star Foundation/CargoBlack Star Foundation/Cargo
ABWÄRTS rom (c) Cargo RecordsCargo Records
ADEMA kill the headlights (c) Tiefdruck/UniversalTiefdruck/Universal
ADVERSARY singularity (c) Trustkill/CargoTrustkill/Cargo
THE AGONIST once only imagined (c) Century MediaCentury Media/EMI
AHEAD TO THE SEA treffer, versenkt! (c) WolverineWolverine/Soulfood
THE AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT s/t (c) Majordomo/SoulfoodMajordomo/Soulfood
AKRON/FAMILY set `em wild, set `em free (c) Crammed/IndigoCrammed/Indigo
ALBERTA CROSS Broken Side Of Time (c) Pias/Rough TradePias/Rough Trade
ALIAS instrument no.4 (c) Velocity Sounds/AliveVelocity Sounds/Alive
ALICE IN CHAINS - The Devil Put Dinosaurs HereUniversal
THE ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS when the world comes down (c) Interscope/UniversalGeffen/Universal
ALL TIME HIGH friends in high places (c) Nicotine/New MusicNicotine/New Music
AMANDINE solace in sore hands (c) Fatcat Records/PIAS/Rough TradeFatcat Records/PIAS/Rough Trade
AMERICAN STEEL destroy their future (c) Fat Wreck/SPVFat Wreck/SPV
AMORPHIS silent waters (c) Nuclear Blast/WarnerNuclear Blast/Warner
ANGER MANAGEMENT LEAGUE why you bad soh? (c) BeRec/Soulfire/Rough TradeBeRec/Soulfire/Rough Trade
ANKLA steep trails (c) Bieler Bros/Rough TradeBieler Bros/Rough Trade
ANTITAINMENT nach der kippe pogo!? (c) Kidnap Music/Cargo RecordsKidnap Music/Cargo Records
ARCADE FIRE funeral (c) Rough TradeRough Trade
ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI places like this (c) V2/UniversalV2/Universal
ARMAGEDDON Embrace The Mystery & ThreeCentury Media/EMI
ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS the game of life (c) Century Media/EMICentury Media/EMI
ASH twilight of the innocents (c) Warner MusicWarner Music
ASTPAI feeling safe in programmed channels (c) Rise Or RustRise Or Rust
AT THE FAREWELL PARTY Infinity Is Miles Away (c) Anstreet Rec./New MusicAnstreet Rec./New Music
AT VANCE - VII (c) AFM/SoulfoodAFM/Soulfood
ALG Watching The Horizon (c) Horror Business/New MusicHorror Business/New Music
AUGUST BURNS RED Constellations (c) Hassle/SoulfoodHassle/Soulfood
AUTONS short term manifesto (c) Zip/Broken SilenceZip/Broken Silence
AUXITT your sakura (c) Restrain RecordsRestrain Records
AWAKEN DEMONS The Mirror (c) Trustkill/CargoTrustkill/Cargo
A LIFE ONCE LOST iron gag (c) Ferret/SoulfoodFerret/Soulfood
A PERFECT CIRCLE emotive (c) Virgin/EMIVirgin/EMI
A SKYLIT DRIVE Adelphia (c) Hassle/SoulfoodHassle/Soulfood
ABSYNTHE MINDED there is nothing (c) Universal MusicUniversal Music
THE ACADEMY IS... santi (c) Atlantic/WarnerAtlantic/Warner
ADEPT another year of disaster (c) Panic & ActionPanic & Action
AFI Crash Love (c) Interscope/UniversalInterscope/Universal
AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED agorapocalyspe (c) RelapseRelapse
AIDEN conviction (c) VictoryVictory/Soulfood
AIRBOURNE: Black Dog BarkingRoadrunner/Warner
AL ATKINS demon deceiver (c) Deaf & Dumb/SoulfoodDeaf & Dumb/Soulfood
ALCHEMIST tripsis (c) Relapse/Rough TradeRelapse/Rough Trade
ALIAS CAYLON resorbing everything (c) RedfieldRedfield
ALKALINE TRIO crimson (c) Vagrant/Pi/Rough TradeVagrant/Rough Trade
ALL FOR NOTHING can`t kill what`s inside (c) Swell Creek/SoulfoodSwell Creek/Soulfood
ALL SHALL PERISH hate-malice-revenge (c) Nuclear Blast/WarnerNuclear Blast/Warner
ALWAYS FALLEN Reflection (c) Mausoleum/IntergrooveMausoleum/Intergroove
AMBER PACIFIC truth in sincerity (c) Hopeless/SoulfoodHopeless/Soulfood
AMON AMARTH Versus The World (c) Metal Blade/SonyMetal Blade/Sony
THE AMPHETAMEANIES now! that`s what i call... (c) Rat Race/ShaGRat Race/ShaG
ANIMAL COLLECTIVE strawberry jam (c) Domino /Rough TradeDomino/Rough Trade
ANTERIOR this age of silence (c) Metal Blade/SPVMetal Blade/SPV
APOCALYPTICA worlds collide (c) GUN/Sony BMGGUN/Sony BMG
ARCH ENEMY The Root Of All Evil (c) Century Media/EMICentury Media/EMI
ARCHIVE Controlling Crowds Part IV (c) Warner MusicWarner Music
ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS Portals (c) Bastardized/AliveBastardized/Alive
ART BRUT it`s a bit complicated (c) Virgin/EMIVirgin/EMI
ASSJACK s/t (c) Sidewalk/WarnerSidewalk/Warner
AT ALL COST circle of demons (c) Century Media/EMICentury Media/EMI
AT VANCE Ride The Sky (c) AFM/SoulfoodAFM/Soulfood
ATHLETE beyond the neighbourhood (c) Parlophone/EMIParlopone/EMI
AUGURY fragmentary evidence (c) Nuclear Blast/WarnerNuclear Blast/Warner
AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE Double Brutal (c) Metal Blade/SonyMetal Blade/Sony
THE AUTUMNS fake noise from a box of toys (c) Balla Union/UniversalBella Union/Universal
AVENGED SEVENFOLD s/t (c) Warner MusicWarner Music
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